Spit up every where, all the time!!! Help.

For the past month or so Grayson has been spiting up all the time. When he lays down playing he spits, when I hold him he spits up. The worst is when I am nursing and go to burp him he has spit up a lot.

I don't know why and what I could be doing to cause this. I mean its hard to know when I need to burp him. Grayson will get fussy so I burp him that's when he spits up the most. But he doesn't want to burp before than. I feel so bad and also annoyed. Sometimes it seems to come out of no where.

Do any of you have this problem? Any advice of what I could do or change? Or what could be causing it?

    8Theresa Gould
    What the others suggested and consult your doctor.
      So I have been pulling him off early and burping him more often, that seems to be helping. I am still going to bring it up and see if reflux could be apart of the problem. But this was only day one I hope we keep having better days. But believe me if it keeps up the way it had been I will be calling my doctor early. (Hate that they scheduled his appointment so far from him 6 month, three weeks after annoying)
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