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So... I do love living in a small town. I love that everyone knows Ed, and Charlie, and the whole family. I love that Charlie is more popular around here than I am. I love that when we go to a get together, everyone is comfortable grabbing him and visiting and I don't have to worry.


All this weekend is the all class reunion. Our quaint little town will have quite a few people here. While I'm comfortable enough with the people that I know taking Charlie and whizzing him off to go see things, I'm not comfortable in situations like this where i don't know everyone. I know everyone at Church. I know everyone at birthday parties, etc.

The people I'm comfortable with are people that have known Ed for a good 30 years. So.. I need to know how to handle it this weekend. I don't know EVERYONE. I don't want even the people I do know to take him around to that many people that I don't know.

How do I do this without being rude? It's bad enough that people barely know me here. I don't want to come off badly, but I'm also not okay with strangers, and especially this many strangers, passing my kid around.


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      you need to follow ur baby around especially that there is people you don't know its better to be safe then sorry.... just tell him you want to have a mommy and son time and that you want to be with him and have fun together they have to understand your his mother
        I guess I am rude because I will just say "yes you can hold him but please don't go anywhere" "there is just a lot of people here so I would prefer you didn't" that will be what I am saying next weekend. Be very honest with Ed about how you feel before you leave home. Good luck mamma.
          In this day and age, you gotta know where your baby is 24/7 especially in an event with mixed friends & strangers. Don't feel badly for standing your ground and letting your man know about how you feel as he should back you up. If people gesture towards your baby, I think it'd be perfectly ok to say "No (shake your head), he's fine with me right now" and then walk away. In small towns you might get talked about, but in this instance the most they could say is that you're an overprotective mama.
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