What does freedom mean to you?

As we look at the Fourth of July, what does freedom mean to YOU?

Freedom to me means I can make choices. I am not free from the consequences of those choices, but I am able to make them.

I can choose what job I work as long as I am qualified for it.

I can choose to marry or not marry.

I can choose to limit my family or have as many children as I wish.

I can have an expectation of a certain amount of personal safety.

I am guaranteed an education.

There's so much more. So much that we take for granted in our lives that women, and plainly people, in other countries do not have as far as freedoms go. I think we also have the freedom to complain about whatever we don't have, but as far as what we DO have? It's really pretty good.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Ditto, here, Laura!
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