Well.... that went over like a lead balloon...

Earlier I posted about how I was nervous that people were going to be passing around Charlie too much amidst all of the festivities tonight. I told Ed what my concerns were and said that I just needed his support.

He said he figured that we were just dropping Charlie off with his parents. I asked why? He said we were going to a classmates BBQ and he wasn't sure if there would be kids there. Now, a year ago I would have said Oh! That makes sense. But now? Not so much. Charlie isn't some annoying 9 year old (no offense). It really really made me feel like he was embarrassed of us. (Keep in mind this pregnancy has completely destroyed my emotional balance).

So he pretty much has said 2 words to me all day. This fun festive class reunion weekend I thought we were having has amounted to me sitting here in the house with Charlie while he keeps himself busy outside.

I get it. The fat girlfriend and new baby just aren't something you bring along when trying to impress the ol class reunion.

Sad day around here, hoping it looks up and praying for a safe and fun 4th for all of you <3

    Hugs hugs hugs. I'm really hoping he didn't mean it that way and it just came out all wrong. From everything you have said he adores you and adores your son.

    I don't need you to answer this, but it's just a thought. Is whatever is going on with your mom triggering something inside of you? That's way personal so I'm not asking so that you answer me, just something to think of yourself.

    And more hugs! I'm around if you want to chat. Or if you want me to act stupid and make you laugh. Or both. :)
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