Oh, 4th of July Shenanigans...

Remember those kids?
Yknow, the ones who were trying to wake up Nina by banging on her window and that I immediately got in trouble?

They're grounded again...with worse to come.

Not 20 minutes ago, I am startled from my game and nina is suddenly screaming when 3 bottle rockets hit her window. After making sure she's alright, I put on my cloak of mommy rage.

Outside are those same 4 kids. Each has a pipe, just like we used to use when I was little, in our bottle rocket wars, to shoot and aim the rockets through. They had been betting -again- on who could wake up the baby first. No more.

Their parents were outside, but across the parking lot, watching distant fireworks, talking, and generally ignoring the kids. Nina in arm, still crying a little but now interested in outside, I go straight to the parents. There's no compromise this time. I'm not just letting this go with a typical grounding. I told the parents what happened and they immediately sent the kids inside with warnings of being grounded from everything. Normally this is the part where I leave.

Not tonight.
Tonight I am tired and I am EXTREMELY ticked that they ignored their kids who were using bottle rockets. You just don't aim at a baby's window. At ANY window, for that matter. What if it had shattered and hurt Nina? No more. I tell them that I am going straight to the office and letting them know what's been happening with these kids. I won't put up with this shit anymore. Knocking on the glass many times -while annoying- is harmless. Doing it repeatedly over and over and over on different days, is frustrating. Shooting a rocket at my daughter's window....I don't care if you get evicted. This is going to stop. Grounding those kids is apparently not enough. The office immediately sent people over to check out the window and to check on Nina. A police officer went with them, since he was right nearby anyway since it's the 4th of July and the cops just know people are going to be stupid.

The end result of this story? They are not getting evicted or anything, but they are on high notice. If this happens again, there will be serious consequences. I'll admit, the office is slow about pest control, but they jump on problems like this instantly.

Normally I'd feel bad for getting people in trouble...but you don't intentionally put my daughter in harm's way just for a laugh. I don't care if you're "just a kid". These kids are like 10+ years old. They should know better...and now, hopefully, they do.

Would you have handled this differently? I'm sure there was a better way to do this, but I was in a Mommy Rage.

    Sounds like the best way to handle it to me! I wouldn't stand for it either. Good job Mama! The next thing they do I would for sure contact the office. If the parents can't keep their kid under control then they don't belong there.
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