Can anyone out there give me a legitimate work from home job that cost nothing to very little to start up. I'm recently separated and on way towards a divorce it has been hard on me going from 2 incomes to just 1 without working so much overtime which keeps me away from my girls more than I would like to and my ex refuses to give me any money because he is spending on his new girlfriend. I need something I can do from home so it allows me to spend more time with the children. Please also let me know how well its working for u and approximately how much you are bringing in weekly/monthly for part time work. I currently only get paid once a month so I need some supplemental income to get me through the month and allow me to spend more time with my girls. Please and thank you

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    how were you able to become a virtual assistant?
    at this point whatever will help make ends meet. I am a nurse so consultant work or something I telecommunications. I did not become a single parent by choice my ex decided that he wanted to be 20 again and no responsibilities and refuses to help me in any way even though these are his children as well.but I will not abandon them
      Thank you to all that responded to my post, will definitely check out the links
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