Sometimes I don't like being right.

My Mom and other people are always telling me if I let Tristen stay up later he will sleep longer in the morning and I keep telling them that they are wrong. Last night I let him stay up to watch the fireworks. We didn't get home until almost midnight. I fed him and then laid him in my lap and he fell right asleep. It was about 6 am my little man was wide awake! Lol not such a great "I told you so moment" I kind of wish they were right. Lol

    At least it is going to mean an early nap :-)
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      Oh man my little guy was the melt down king today! Every little thing sent him into hysterics.
      He slept from 8 last night to 8:30 this morning without waking up! I couldn't believe it...this Mama feels human again.
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