Should teens be allowed to drink at home?

I am a firm NO on this one. I understand the argument that they may do it anyways, so why not let them do it somewhere safe? But still, I am a firm NO.


Because it is against the law. It's up to me to raise kids that are productive citizens so if I allow them to break a law in my home because I am scared of what they "might" do then I might as well hang up my mom badge. What good would I be doing them?

I know different people have different thoughts and I respect that. However in my house it's not happening.

How do you feel about this topic?

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      I'm far from there, but I think it might be something I'm okay with in certain instances. In our state (as far as I know) it's legal for a minor to drink in their parent's house with supervision, so we wouldn't be breaking the law.

      It wouldn't be allowed to drink, party, etc, but we're a home brewing and craft beer family. I could see us allowing X to have a beer he helped brew to learn more about the craft and be able To analyze and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Granted, that means he'd be interested in doing it in the first place, so I'm making a lot of assumptions.
        I definitely see where you're coming from. But using my siblings as examples, they went even more crazy because there was no underage drinking in our house. Could they have just been that way naturally, no matter what..? Maybe so. But as soon as they hit their 21st birthdays they went way overboard and my oldest brother even has a drinking problem. I think moderately and supervised at home after 18th birthday could have been beneficial for them. Who knows really, though. I'm still not sure what route I'm going to go down. I've seen it be beneficial and also situations where it doesn't work at all.
          Absolutely not! I was raised by a violent alcoholic who was allowed to drink from a very early age. He became an alcoholic by the age of 9...not exaggerating. My siblings and myself were never allowed to drink and none of us has even tasted alcohol to this day. Allowing your kids to drink at a young age is just not safe. Not to mention it is against the law. It's not ok to teach our's ok to break this law as long as you hide it...sets so many bad standards to me. The reasons for laws against under age drinking are REAL health risks and safety risks. They are not there just to make being a teenager less fun.
            I think it depends on the family and their values. If you think your child will do something behind your back, then you might need to check your parenting skills. Most people want to "fit in". If you explain to your children the dangers associated with certain things, not "nag" them with the "do as I say", they may be more responsible. Then, on the other hand,, it depends on the child. Too much freedom is just as bad ad too little freedom. Parenting is not an easy job and no one can write a book about how to raise a child. Our children are people with personalities just like we are. Good luck.
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