My Son has been taking 5 ounces each and 3 baby meals a day. Yesterday both My Mom (phone) and my Mom in Law (in person) practically told me (not suggested, more of a command) that Benjamin SHOULD be having 8 ounces (My Mom in Law also said he should be chewing food too) Does she not notice he gags and throws it up every time we try? We are trying every day to give him a bite of something, he isn't interested right now. My Mom in law even said she fed her kids food till they pushed the food away or got sick! I don't like that method and I just hated the thought. Yes, we are doing our best, but yesterday I felt ganged on. My Husband didn't think they were, but it sure felt like it.

Long story short, we gave Benjamin 6 ounces and he did great! We'll be inching up the ounces each week till he can take 8 ounces.

    I would not force feed my child. Please don't do that. We aren't the generation of "clean your plate" like they were. We've realized it causes an unhealthy relationship with food.

    And you are the mom. What you say goes as far as your kids. A nice way to deal with those kind of demands is to say "I will give that all of the consideration it deserves" and then divert to another topic. If they don't take the hint then be more forceful "This is not up for discussion" and then change the topic.
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