Meeting Other Toddlers and Making New Friends....Sorta

Nina hasn't yet had a real play-date...I don't know any other moms around here, and those that I have met are all mothers of older kids, like those damn 10 year olds. They swarm over the parking lot and the playgrounds, and generally make it unsafe for Nina to roam around without getting mowed over, so normally we go and play there early in the morning, or in the afternoon, when none of them are around.

A little while ago, we were sitting in the open patio door, kinda just hanging out and trying to get Nina to like her shoes (it doesn't matter what kind of shoe it is, how big it is, how comfortable it is...if it's a shoe and it's on her foot, she HATES it). She was just leaning against me, watching everything going on. Another mom was a couple doors down, with her 3 kids roaming around. One of them is also about Nina's age, but is regular size for a 1 year old, whereas Nina is in 4T outfits and growing. This little boy came waddling over, intently interested in Nina...who returns his interest. They both kinda just stared at each other, and then the little boy waved. It was adorable. Nina doesn't wave yet, no matter how I've tried to teach her, but she did smile and wiggle around. I kept my guard up - not just of what the little boy would do, but of what Nina might do. I'm not worried she would intentionally hurt him, but she's like 3 times his size and she's never really met another baby/toddler. She might accidentally knock him over or something. She was good the entire time, except for twice I had to let her know that no, it's not nice to try to take someone's pacifier out of their mouth no matter how colorful it is. A few minutes in, his mom comes over with her other kids, one who is even younger. We were just talking, and I kinda got my hopes up of, hey, maybe this could be my first new friend out here in Virginia! We had a lot of the same interests, we're almost the same age, both of our husbands are military, and we both have a 1 year old. Perfect, right? ...alas, it is not meant to be. Her husband is getting stationed overseas in a few days and they're all moving together.

Oh, well...I'll just have to keep trying, lol!
I think that's the worst part about moving away from everyone you know. Trying to meet new people, especially when you're not naturally outgoing.

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