Can we have it all?

Women have struggled for quite a few generations to "have it all" so to speak. To have a fmaily, a career and to grow as a person as well. Some people think that one or the other of those things will suffer, there's just no way to have it all. Others think that if you strive for balance you can certainly have it all.

I am not making this a working parent vs stay at home parent debate, but I am just curious. Do you feel like you can have it all? Apparently there are CEO's who are women, and parents who don't think you can. Read the article below for more on that.…

    I think I can definitely 'have it all.' I have my family and right now, I'm going to school. I set time aside for my self, David sets time aside for himself, we have time for just us and we spend the majority of our time with Lucas. We are very organized and scheduled. I think if you work at it, anyone can do whatever they want. :)
      I read that a little while ago, and I don't like her "coping mechanisms" at all. I don't think I can "have it all" in the typical sense...though I think I can "have it all" in my own way. Do I have my dream job? No...but I never really tried to have it anyway. I think "having it all" is a thing of pure opinion. Some mothers might be perfectly happy running a house and a family or with no kids and a career or whatever their lives are.
        I'm a little scared first time
          Without reading the artcle...sorry at work...I honestly don't think I can personally have it all. I have a great career where I am able to work at home, that supports my family. My boyfriend does work, but I make the lion's share, so my job is necessary. I feel that I miss out on just being able to be a mom, or when I'm in mom mode, I still have work lingering in the back of my mind. I wish I could just be a straight stay at home mom, and dedicate all my time to my daughter, and the one on the way. I don't feel like I do my daughter now a disservice by working, but personally my mind is always all over the place, I wish I could just focus on being a mom. Does that make any sense? lol
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