My son

OK so today we had fun in the son went for a swim at the lake n then 2 hours of walking my son would do that longer if he could but this momma was tired lol so we rest at nap time n then watch some toons together then it came time for bath time hehe fun fun play in the water splash splash then time to get out which if ur kids do it they never wanna get out lol anyways he gets dried off before i can put his diaper on he starts pushing his lil ding a ling like a button i cracked up so hard it hurt to laugh he never did that before i think hes discovering it can go in a lil but he started laughing any ways when i said stop that but what can u do boys will be boys

    hehe i had to wrap him up n he still figured were his was so had to take his hands out of the towel n debi we do sometimes tho i go to our pool were we live most of the time
      hi stefany what can i do if my 3 year old son dont want to take a nap
        isabelle i know u didnt ask me but what i do is i wrap my son up and give him a warm bottle of milk n rock him to sleep he may fuss a bit but it works maybe it can for u
          it always cracks me up
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          iam a single mother whos not only looking for new friends lookin for friends for my son hes a sweet boy whos very spunky we live somewhere theres hardly any kids to play with n make friends so were out lookin to meet new friends!!iam sweet myself!