Allergies, achoo!

Do you have seasonal allergies? How about your kiddos?

I get them, but some years it is bad and others not so bad. Knock on wood, this year was relatively mild. Both of my kids have allergies too. Luckily theirs aren't so bad that they need prescription medication, OTC stuff works pretty well for them.

How do you handle allergies at your house?

    Tristen got them from his daddy but he's too young to do anything about it yet.
    I know. I hate watching it.y husband is SO bad when he gets an allergy attack it effects his whole body. He got the allergy shot a few months ago that should last a year but it's wearing off, either that or he came across something it doesn't protect against...idk. But the shot so far has been amazing for him!
      Oh he has taken it for so long that it started killing his sense of smell. When he gets bad he takes DayQuil to get rid of the symptoms. Before the shot that is the only thing that helped.
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