Rubber Duck Review

I've been keeping a blog in another place with some reviews on products I've used, so I figured I'd do it here too. I was mindlessly surfing today while waiting for Sophia's cupcakes to finish baking for her bday party today, and I saw a post on FB from They were pushing the Rubber Duck Inflatable Tub.…

Now even though I did think this was the cutest thing ever when my boyfriend brought it home, I need to point out that for any new mommy who is petrified of her little one going underwater in the tub, I really don't suggest it. See in the picture there...see the parent's hand behind the baby? Yeah that's how you have to be the entire time. The whole tub is that slippery plastic material, so Sophia would slip and slide all over the place. Plus she is always a huge wiggle worm in the tub. Also, I love how all these tubs are like chest level for a parent in these pictures. Imagine, bending over the side of the tub, holding your baby up, while trying to get shampoo on your hands and wash/rinse them, all at the same time. I seriously would have my bf hold her up while I washed her.

By the time she could sit up on her own without any assistance, she was too big to sit in it lengthwise. So I'm not completely sold on it. A lot of people love it because it has a little temperature patch on the bottom, but even that I found to be a bit off. It would say HOT in bright red letters, put to my was almost luke warm. Again, CUTE tub, and it was great as a novelty, but I used it twice and never again.

Again others may have had a completely different experience, but that's just what I got out of it. :)

Rubber Duck Review
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