Bedtime Routines

I've officially finished weaning Avery and with all the excitement over the 4th I don't think she even noticed. The problem now is our bedtime routine is completely shot. This is partially because nursing was removed and partially because of all the chaos of the holiday.

Since Avery was only a few months old our bedtime routine looked like this: Wash Face/Brush teeth, Change diaper, lotion, pjs, storytime, nurse, one lullaby, sleep. I was really careful NOT to nurse her to sleep these last few weeks, but nursing did mellow her out enough that she'd sleep easily. Now, without that to mellow her out she's running around like a crazy person as we try to wrangle her in her PJs.

I don't really know what to do now. We've kept our same routine but she doesn't want to relax for any of it. Any suggestions?

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