All's well that ends well :)

Had a pretty rocky start to the weekend (sometimes I expect things and don't communicate my wants very well)

But it turned out to be a great weekend. Finally came to a close here a few minutes ago. All weekend long there were 4th of July festivities along with the local high schools All-Class Reunion. Our quaint little town had quite a few visitors! Saturday we started with the parade. Charlie got to ride in it!

Then we went to Ed's class barbeque, it was a little awkward for me since I only know a few people here, but luckily Charlie broke the ice the way he always does. Then it was back into town for the street dance. Charlie hung out with his cousins that were visiting from a few hours away. A 17 year old, 15 year old and 10 year old. All girls. Charlie was in heaven!

This morning it was back over to visit cousins before they left to go back home, then inviting some of Ed's old friends to the house for a BBQ. It was a very nice weekend once the bad was shuffled off.

It also reminded me that when things get rough, a walk down main street holding hands will always do the trick.

I really hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I was logging in here and there and saw some of your pics, they were great!

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    Luckily we didn't spend too much time out in the streets. We were there for the parade, and Ed's niece wanted Charlie to ride in the choo choo with her so that saved me. But I did have to say no at first because I didn't know what kind of seating there was. That bummed out the family (whatevs) but after I saw it I was comfortable with it and he got to ride in his first parade!

    Then it was off to the BBQ so his Godparents and some good friends were there to run interference. All in all it worked out very well.
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