Article: Back on track after the holidays

Whether its for big time holidays like Christmas, or a quick 4th of July BBQ, or just getting home too late from town, I've always been amazed at how quickly the tiniest bump in our schedule can set everything crazy.

So i like this article. Charlie has only been sleeping in his crib for 2 months. He sets the pace in our home so if he's off, we're off.

Take a look at this article. It shines a light on some common problems that we run into when sleep schedules are shaken up, and some great ways to fix them.

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    So true. I actually just had that conversation with Ed the other day. That if I notice the signs early and get him down for a nap, he sleeps longer and wakes up happier. But if I miss the cues or get busy and he has a meltdown, the nap is shorter and he wakes up sooooo mad.

    But.. really that's the same for us too, right? If I end up passing out from exhaustion I don't sleep nearly as well as if I go to bed early, read for a little while, talk to Ed for a big then fall asleep on my own.
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