Article: Myths about teething

While I was talking to a friend a while back who has a baby close to Charlie's age, the topic of teething came up.

I still don't know if Charlie is teething. I asked his pediatrician at his 4 month appointment and his honest answer was "Who cares?" I responded with "Well, I would just like to know what the signs are".. again he said "Who cares? His teeth are going to come in when they're going to come in. If chewing on something helps, let him chew on something.. but you knowing if he's teething or not doesn't mean anything and doesn't help him at all."

Hmm.. good point doc. But that did bring me to another question about teething and why moms get so crazy about the symptoms. I think a lot of it is coincidence personally. "My kid had a fever once, so I assumed that teething causes fever". But do you know that there is actually very little to no evidence to support that? "One day my kid was crying more than he was yesterday and had diarrhea.. he must be teething." Again, no correlation between the two. Take a look at the article below to find out what moms said were other symptoms that were unfounded in relation to teething. I found this so interesting!

    Too true! Just because stuff happens to your baby, doesn't automatically mean teething. For us, if we've done everything we can for Lucas and he's still fussy, we say he's just being fussy or he's working on more teeth. Either way, he's fussy and it doesn't matter if it's really his teeth or not. Though, he's a teething machine lately!!!!
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