Things NOT to say to a ______________________.

So.. Many of you know that Ed & I are late starters. Our 7 month old Charlie is our only child. Ed is now 48, I am 34.

While at Ed's 30 year high school reunion last night, these are some of the comments made about and to us: (parenthesis are my thoughts that I luckily stopped from coming out of my mouth)

-I just couldn't do it. (You're right, you probably couldn't)
-OMG If I found out I was pregnant I would just want someone to kill me! (With that dye job I would, too.)
-A kid? Right now? *laugh* (Indeed, he'd come out pickled with how much you drink)
-We're empty nesters, and you're just starting! (Empty nesters is a word old people give themselves so they don't feel so old)
-God no, I can finally spend money on myself! (You should start by fixing that God awful spray tan.)

Eh ahem. So yes, I was a big catty but it all stayed in my head! Some people are... really dumb.

My favorite was the bleach blonde who obviously can't stand the fact that she's pushing 50.. she very sweetly (but not really) looked at me and said.. "But we're older than you.. right hon?" (Don't call me hon, Oldie Hawn) to which I, with an even sweeter smile replied "Yes *GRIN*.. yes you are *GRIN GRIN*"

It's just rude. Either way. It's rude! But luckily there were plenty of people falling all over Charlie. The guys were literally sitting in a circle in the sun room talking about how much fun little boys can be while all the swaybacks looked on all mad because they obviously spent hours trying to make themselves look like they did 30 years ago.. to no avail. Ya didn't see me there asking if they had to be sent to a nunnery because they started too early, do ya?

I'm not this mean. Okay when it comes to my family I am this mean and I'll never apologize for it. I just expect better behavior from people at that age.
    Honestly, I don't think 34 is that old for a first child anymore. I mean, I was younger, but a lot of my colleagues at work have their first kid between 30-35. Ed is on the higher end of what you'd normally see, but so what? I really don't know why people don't mind their own business more! Good for you for keeping your thoughts inside :-)
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