VENT thread!

Okay, let's hear it. What is ticking you off? Making you sad, mad or somewhere in between? What makes you feel like yelling at someone right this moment?

My vent? I am WORKING. Just because I am home doesn't mean "Come chat with me" and then get mad when I can't chat. If I showed up at your work could you chit chat? No? Ohhh...

    haha Love it!

    Mine? This sister in law of mine.. who has been MIA in our lives for the last TWO YEARS.. kid you not... tried giving us crap and saying she was upset since we were close by to her that we didn't stop and let her see OUR baby... ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I lost it.. are you even kidding me you self righteous little brat. Have fun never meeting him!

    Oops.. was that too much? :)
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        Here's mine: My brother lives with me, and just let me say that in and of itself annoys me but is beside the point. The really annoying part is the fact that every saturday his EX-WIFE's kids still visit him, and since he lives with me, that means they come to my house and they spend the night. Now let me tell you, from day one these children have irritated me, and now being 8 months pregnant they really irritate me. They are loud, they waste food, and the younger one acts way younger than his age, which I simply can't stand. And they are not little, the older one is 11, like my daughter and the younger will be 9 in about a week and a half. I feel like these kids are old enough and have been coming to my house long enough to know the rules by now, and my brother just sits there like nothing is happening. I just feel like regardless of how you behave at home, when you are visiting you are to follow the rules of the home you are at and my brother seems to take it for granted that I let him stay here(to put this in perspective my brother is 28yrs old, has no job, and doesn't really look for one, sleeps away half the day(doesn't wake up until around 2pm) and then is up all night playing games and watching videos online. He's spent most of the last two yrs living with me, for FREE, and can't even do something as simple as control, or at least pay attention to these kids that are no relation to us(they've been divorced almost two yrs now so it's not like this is recent) it just drives me insane. I've already kicked him out of here once, he went to stay with a friend, which lasted about 5 months and then he was back when that friend got tired of him staying there and kicked him out, my dad pretty much begged me to let him stay here and I agreed to do so until my son is born, which is about 6 weeks away, my brother has been back here about 4 months now and still has no money, no job and doesn't appear to be looking for anywhere else to go even though my son will be here very soon and he will once again have no where to stay!!! I really don't know how people can allow themselves to live their lives that way. Sorry for the extremely long post but it just drives me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Oh gosh, Melissa, don't even get me started. These assholes that live in my house are getting on my last nerve. They are moving out, but oh my goodness, just move out already!! Get out of MY HOUSE!!! They don't follow the rules, they are dirty, they are disgusting in their humor and in general. I'm always cleaning after them. They're like children!!! The only one I should be cleaning after is Lucas. And speaking of Lucas, they always want to touch him and be around him and talk to him and mess with him. They make stupid comments on what to give him to eat. And they smoke!! Not in the house, but still, they stink and so does their disgusting furniture. I keep them away from Lucas 24/7 as much as humanly possible. Gosh, I can't wait for they to get the hell out!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
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