Do your parents like your significant other?

It can be really stressful on a relationship when your family doesn't accept the person you have chosen to be with. I've never really had this issue, but I have had a really good friend whose family pretty much cut her off over this. It's sad that now, ten years later, they are trying to rekindle the relationship with her and she is not having it at all.

Have you ever had to deal with this?

    My parents love my husband. It was hard for them because they didn't meet him until after we were married and had our son but my Dad called him aside about ten minutes after we got to their house the first time they met and gave my husband a pocket watch and hugged him and started crying and told him that he considered him his son. It's one of the only times I've seen my husband choke up. Lol sometimes I think they like him more than they like me. Haha
    I did choke up a little :-)
      I'm single now, not this with my son's father and never was. My mom is deceased now but my family has never met my son's father. My ex husband on the other hand my parents really disliked, part of it was because they thought we were too young to be so serious and get married(which we did when i was 19, he was 21). But aside from that they just really didn't like him. They didn't like the fact that he already had a couple other children, didn't really work and was often times was not around as he would go out with his friends etc and be gone for hours, then when we had our daughter, I was 21 then, he continued the same behavior, while I was always home with the baby. That being said though I never lost my family over him, I did lose some close friends. I just kept it separate, like when I visited my parents, just to visit or family gatherings like holidays, birthdays etc, he just didn't come with us. I went myself, and then after we had our daughter, I would bring her with me and he would stay home, that way they never had to see each other, and he didn't want to go to such things anyway.
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