Finding Childcare: Where do I begin??

Stressssssssssss........ My babysitter dropped a bomb on us a couple of days ago that her afternoon job had cut her hours down to about 12 a week, so she is going to begin job hunting for something full-time, which means that now I'm hunting for a new babysitter. She says that she hasn't started applying anywhere yet, and even when she does find something, she'll let them know that she has to give us two weeks notice. The biggest problem is that we don't know anyone here. We only found our babysitter through SO's sister, because they used to work together at a daycare. I don't even know where to begin. I have to find someone/where safe, clean, educational, and AFFORDABLE. We're only currently paying our babysitter $100 a week for 5 days of service (which is really cheap, if you think about it). Help? Pointers, tips, suggestions? I'm so lost.

    You can always go to your local WIC office and/or employment department. There are resources in your county to help you find affordable baby sitters. If you are considered low income, you could get reviewed for child care with state assistance. You just need to have a caseworker.

    I would also start going to some meet up groups in your area where you can meet other local moms to get referrals on child care or babysitters.
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