Birth Control Side Effects Anyone???

Hello mommies,

I have a dilemma. I have been on the Depo shot since I was 16. I switched to pills at 18, then returned to the shot at 19 and stayed on it for two more years. When my husband and I decided to try for our daughter, it took 9 months. I never had issues with weight gain while on the shot and now...well, I've gained 60lbs and it is getting harder to try to shed this weight off. Anyone out there have similar issues and was able to lose weight just with diet and moderate exercise while on the shot? I have a neck injury so I cannot do any high impact activities. Please help :-(.

    I took the depo shot for 9 months after only the pill for since I was 18, and then switched back to the pill after the shot. The depo shot was horrible to me. I've gained weight, had teeth problems, mood problems, it made my period irregular for a's just been awful. I'm starting to lose all that weight now, but I have to be persistent. I go on an hour long bike ride every morning with nina, eat small portioned snacky size meals throughout the day, drink water and milk (though I allow myself a snack and a soda on the weekends) and do jumping jacks, sit ups, pushups and chase nina and play with nina most of the day, and I've lost 15lbs in the past 3 weeks. It's slowed down a bit, but it's still inching its way down.
      Hello Ladies!!!
      Sorry for the late response, but I was able to speak to my nurse about it. The moment I walked into the door and explained that I wanted to discuss my options. She immediately noticed my weight gain in my charts and said that it could be a problem. We are now exploring other options, especially since we are not wanting to conceive for perhaps another two years plus. I have been eating healthy and working out as best as I can. I have not been on the shot for about 3 weeks now...major withdrawals!! But I'm doing great!! I have been able to lose weight easier now that the meds are running lower. Thank you for your support!!!!!
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