When shopping for makeup... Do you go alone?

Hide from other women and try to look like you know what you're looking for?

I haven't bought makeup but maybe once or twice since I had kids. Rarely do I spend my birthday money other then on crafts. I'm a craft (clearance) hoarder.

I wanted some makeup that would hold up for at least 6 hrs in the sun as I shot a backyard wedding. I asked on my Facebook what's a great one? I got the response mineral makeup. Okay...easy enough.

Going down the isle with daughter and baby in one cart followed by an almost nagging hubby then trying to look, but keep sneaky hands from taking the oh so wonderful an colorful, shiny, magical substance. I'm sure my kids were thinking: how would this go on my wall? It goes on Mommy's face! Why mommies? Can we help mommy? Mental breakdown... Grabbed the starter kit like every other beginner.

Lipstick colors: check
Fingernail polish: check
Foundation: What do they mean liquid foundation powder? Forget it - starter.
Eyeliner - ohhhh look it says long lasting day time eyeliner. Let's test it!
Mascara - bold and beautiful - awesome. (Still nagging from husband and oohs and awes)

Forget it - let's go. This should be okay for now. Sure enough

Light airy and felt great. Even after when I was sweating more than a sumo wrestler.

Danielle KeltnerColumbia, Kentucky
    I go to shopping only alone - just because I dont like to spend alot of time on malls, and I have too personal taste...
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