How to raise a well rounded child...

When I first saw the title of this article I was like "what does that even mean?". The term well-rounded is just so huge. They might as well have just said "how to do everything right.." It seems a little overboard to say you've written an all encompassing article to cover EVERYTHING needed to raise a good kid.

The article did have some good tips, but a lot are common sense or things we've heard a hundred times before. Eat dinner with your kids, set a good bedtime even for older children, etc. One point I really liked though was to encourage your child's individual skills. Not every kid's talents lie in the classroom or on the sports field. Allow for lots of unstructured play to figure out what your kid excels at. Maybe she won't be the head of the classroom, but she could be really great at playing with other kids and being a good friend. That talent is just as important as the ones we can grade or score.

Overall, It's a pretty good read but I don't think it does it's title justice. What do you think is necessary to raise a "well-rounded" child?…

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