One reason why I love being a Mom

One of the many things I like about being a Mom is you never get bored. In college things were always changing for me. New classes, new dorms, new roommates, new jobs. Every few months something new would happen. Not to mention all of the fun we'd have on spring break and summer vacation (when I wasn't working). Then I graduated and got a job. Suddenly everything was the same. Week after week, year after year, it was the same basic routine. Sure I had busy weeks or different work challenges, but it was basically all the same. The only things that stood out were vacations that I planned. No spontaneity.

Then I had a baby. Suddenly every week was different. Babies change fast and your routine has to change with them. Each month my girl becomes a new kid practically. She has new skills and interests. There's new things to show her.... It's never boring.

Even as she get's older I'll get to enjoy every new grade with new teachers and friends. New sports she'll play, New phases she'll hit. Sure, some phases won't be fun but they won't be boring either.

I love that I have that to look forward too :)

What is one reason why you love being a parent?

    Wow, Taylor, that is such an interesting perspective. I actually do find many parts of parenting to be boring, especially with small children. Of course, I love my kids at every stage, but to be honest, the baby stage was the most boring for me, although also the sweetest in many ways.

    For me, my favourite part is watching them grow into the people that they will be and being able to share interests with them. I also weirdly love, love, love naming my children. It's like a blank slate to be filled!
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