Waiting on test results....

We had some additional testing done last week to see if I have cholestasis (liver dysfunction)... With the holiday last week, I am super anxious to hear the results and keep checking my phone obsessively... ugh.

    Good luck! Is this something that happens during pregnancy? I've never heard of it.
      It is something that just happens while pregnant. It's very rare 1 to 2 women out of 1,000. I actually had to send my doctor some medical journal articles about it in order to convince her to order the tests. It's not detrimental to me, but it is pretty bad for the baby if it goes untreated. If I'm positive for it, I will go on medication for the duration to manage my bile salt levels, and be monitored extensively to make sure the baby's environment stays healthy, etc. My husband and I know it's rare and unlikely that that is what is causing my issues, but reading up on the effects it can have on the baby, we really pushed to have the testing done just in case. But it definitely sucks waiting on test results over a long holiday weekend!
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