Colds and Migraines, oh my...

Charlie is experiencing his first cold right now. Daddy was up all night with him using the snot sucker (I just can't do it). So much snot, my poor little man! And the sneezing. Good lord it's enough to break your heart to hear those explosive sneezes through the baby monitor all night. But we have the humidifier in the nursery, trying to get him down to sleep as much as possible. I think maybe it was being out too much on Saturday, he met a lot of people, assuming he picked up something germy. Out of nowhere a migraine hit me about an hour ago. Wowza it's a bad one. Any remedies for baby colds or is it better to just let it work itself out?

    8Theresa Gould
    Sorry to hear you are both under the weather. Lots of rest and fluids. I would try sleeping with him elevated in a lazy boy chair if he's having trouble breathing. Mine always slept better on me. Hope you get your nap in!
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