Baby ate my shopping list!!!

Ok so I am a new Mommy but I thought I had the grocery shopping experience pretty much down pat..............that was until today.

As I strolled through the isles picking up items on my list, little Cullen started to fuss. Now this isn't normal for the little man because he is a cheery little fellow. So I take him out of the seat and hold him while I push the cart and continue shopping. As we all know, babies love the sound of items that crinkle. My shopping list written neatly on a piece of paper, sounds crinkly. Little Cullen grabs for the shopping list and not thinking through the outcome, I let him hold it for me. As I stand there studying the item I am looking to purchase, I feel a warm sensation pass over my bussom. I look at little Cullen and see that he has just spit up on me and that my shopping list has a small portion missing. "OH NO - HE ATE PART OF THE LIST!!" As I reach for a washcloth I keep just for accidental spit ups (which is located in my purse, in the shopping cart), Cullen begins to vomit profusely all over himself, me, my purse and the items in the cart. I turn him away and flip him over so he doesn't choke and HOLY TOLEDO he throws up even more. Now I am really starting to panic and worry that my stupidity has put my baby in danger. Luckily just as both of us are completely covered in well as the floor, the cart, my purse and all items in the cart, he looks up at me and starts to smile. Phew!

I managed to clean as much as I could with wet wipes found on a shelf in the same isle. I notice that we now both smell wretchedly of sour milk. I am ready to abandon the cart and run for my car but I realize that wouldn't be the right thing to do. So I find a store employee and explain what happened......and they begin to clean up the isle. I continue with my shopping & politely try to stay away from people so they don't smell us. Cullen being completely oblivious to our stench, smiles and coos at everyone we pass. :)

Just to put icing on the top of the cake, as I leave the store and get part way through the parking lot, the skies open and a tearenchal downpour ensues. Cullen enjoys the rain.............I have given up hope on surviving this shopping trip and thank the Dear Lord that he is ok and that the rain will wash away some of our terrible smell before we hop into our new car!


    ))) lol, you made me smile))
    What items exactly did he ate? (I mean what was on the list?))
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds like a day in the life of a mother! :)
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