Do you have a hard time falling asleep, mommas?

Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep. Now, I have a condition called fibromyalgia which causes pain in my body. In order for me to get comfortable some nights I have to help my body relax.

So I yoga! I know, everyone thinks of yoga as sitting or standing in weird positions while chanting. Really though, it's more about learning how your body works. My body needs to be stretched, and yours might need it too if you are having trouble sleeping.

Here's a great list or yoga poses to help your body wind down. Heck, even just doing the cool down for yoga (lying on your back, arms and legs out, pay attention to your breathing) can be helpful!

Check out this link below for the poses. Have you ever tried yoga?

    8Theresa Gould
    I have never tried yoga. Lately I fall asleep right away. When I am worrying I tend to have a hard time sleeping.
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