Before baby - your "to-do" list?

Ladies, I want to know if you had/have your "before I'll have a baby" to-do list? What were you going to do before become a mom?
As for me: I'm planning to get my driver license (yes, I don't have, dont laugh at me)) and visit India (as soon as possible).
What about you?

    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, but mostly it was for things to do around the house. Nothing big at all. My husband and I talked about a cruise and another trip but I talked us out of them. Wish I hadn't now.
      My priority was getting a place to live before our daughter came and we did, 2.5 months before she came.
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        India is the most unusual and not save place to visit - so that's why i want to visit before kids. I dont want them to catch any illness from India).
          On my list was to own a car - and it happend, visit some foreign countries and it happend too, it was to have a good start for my career- this it was turned out that what I started it's not my thing and now I am in a career crisis and I decided to quit my job and to find myself in the next year or two, and to start fresh to my career after one year or so , in this time I could stay and raise my beautiful daughter till the age of kindergarden.
          I have visit Greece (Thassos Island), Italy (Venice and Verona), Austria (Wien), Bulgari- the sea side. Countries that are near to mine :) and we can wait till Anastasia have one year or so to visit again, we bought a easy stroller that we can take on the airplane and a baby pouch and we are ready to go :)) after she grow a little more. Here in Europe is usually free at the hotel for kids till they are 12 year. It will be different because we are used to visit museums and to visit all the tourist objectives but it will be funny anyway.
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              Danielle Keltner
              Start selling my art (now through Etsy), Own a home (Not yet - may not ever), and have a "Home"town (Still looking for that as well).
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