To get pregnant you should loose weight!

Just found this article - and it reminds me one of the things to do to increase my chances to get pregnant.
The normal weight (with body index below 30) is not obligate, but is recommended to get less problems during pregnancy and healthy baby.
Women with mass index more then 30 have higher risks of congenital defects, and so one... But most of babies born from obese women are healthy, thank God!
I'm not obese - but have several extra pounds. So I'm going to do sport tomorrow).
Do you have friends who has handle with this problem?…

    8Theresa Gould
    You know, I have been on the heavier side since giving birth to our first child and I have never had any problems getting pregnant, though I have had losses but those were not due to weight issues. Now that I am probably done having children, I do want to work on losing the extra weight to stay healthy. I am just not sure where to start and how to stay encouraged to keep going - I get discouraged easily when it comes to weight loss. :(
      Yes, I've known a few who have struggled to get pregnant because of being overweight. I would stick with the weight side though, I've always hated the BMI part-it always seems wrong.
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