Article: Scientists Blow the Lid on Cancer & Sunscreen Myth

I found this article very interesting and the study is on 30,000 women over 20 years of research.

What do you think of their findings?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Doctors have blamed so many things for causing cancer. Personally (and this is just my OPINION, I'm not a doctor), I don't think cancer is a virus or a disease. I think it's simply the body decomposing from the inside out. I saw a report on 60 Minutes about how sugar causes cancer. I do believe that. Sugar is a decomposer. When fruit has reached the end of its life cycle, it produces sugar, which decomposes (rots) it. The FDA recommends 25 to 35 g sugar per day total (2 to 3 tbsp). Recently I heard that the USRDA of sugar is 6 to 9 tbsp of added sugar per day. Quite a difference! I watch my sugar, but here in the US, it's hard to keep it down.
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