Is a bath okay when sick?

Charlie's never had a cold before so I need some help here. I'd like to run some hot water and sit in the room with steam as some of you suggested earlier. Is it okay to give him a bath? (Not in the hot water, of course.) My mom never let us take a bath or get our heads wet when we were sick but I'm not sure why.


    If he likes bath time it will probably help him. If he's running a fever make sure the water isn't real warm and it will help break his fever. Plus water is soothing and I like to think it helps Tristens little aches and pains when he's not feeling well. I know it does for me. He always seems to feel better after a bath.
    Oh poor little guy! I hope he feels better quickly.
    Oh I'm sure he will love that!
    Yeah all those germs floating around will give them the yuckies!
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