Good Morning Mommas!

It's been a while since I've been on here! My life got really hectic all at once so getting on the computer any day just wasn't happening, not in this house lol.

First, I wanna say hello to all the new ladies who've joined! I hope I get to talk to you all and get to know you :-D

Secondly, our family trip went "well", lol. It was one of those experiences where you find out who you should take on a trip with you and who you shouldn't.... But regardless, we all had a decent time and got to see Michigan at it's finest! The weather was perfect and the beach was beautiful so I would definitely recommend taking a trip there!

And last but not least, Clara finally learned how to ride her tricycle! It took her a while, but she finally got the hang of peddling and I think she'll really enjoy riding her bike from now on :-)

How about everyone else? How has everyone else been doing lately?

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