A few questions

So my son is 11 months old and oli have been bfing all along but, he has destroyed both my nipples and I can't do it anymore. He refuses formula so I have him 2% milk. What's your thoughts on that? Also he doesn't like me to read to him how can I encore pirate this if he starts screaming and rips it away? Hope everyone's doing well, I've been busy with his bday plannig

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    I always was told whole milk also.
      I think it should be whole milk. And don't give up on the reading - keep offering it every day and showing your son that you enjoy reading for your own sake. A love of reading is a great skill that we can give to our children - it is good for them in pretty much every way you can imagine. He is only 11 months old; there's still time for him! :-)
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