Period problems (a little TMI)

Has anyone else had this issue? Since I had my tubes tied my period has gotten heavier in the first 2-3 days and its not a steady flow of heavy blood. I will get gushes of blood with clots like a syrupy consistency and it will over flow my pad or tampon and make me leak through. It happens randomly throughout the day and then the rest of the time is like a regular flow. Also my breast are really sore and I never really got that before even though I know it is normal for them to be a little tender or sore last night it was so intense it felt like I would imagine it would feel if you were having a very minor heart attack (not that I think there is a such thing) but on both sides of my chest. I was having trouble getting to sleep because it was so uncomfortable.

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    Yikes that sounds awful. My flow is heavy and I use Always pads with wings, I haven't had a leakage problem or anything. I have been using the same Always pads for years now.
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      I should have responded earlier - I was about to ask this same question. Since I had Cameron and tubes tied - this was my third period. It was worse than any others. I went to a local health store and bought ROSE HIPS TEA - Helps with the cramping. Luckily it went from extremely heavy (tmi - soaked an overnight pad in less than 2 hours) to almost no period at all. I hope that this is the new way of my periods. (other than the cramping)
      Yeah mine have been the same way. They are super heavy the first 2-3 days and then trail off. I just hate the soaking through part. I'll have to check out the tea next time I go to the supermarket. I know my little friend is on its way soon. Might as well pick some up and be prepared. Lol.
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