age appropriate movies???

At what age do you let your kids watch adult movies? The kids have shown an interest in watching non-animated movies. They want to watch "scary" movies or movies like X-Men because thats what daddy likes. I'm just not sure that they are old enough. I know that violence, language, and sexuality arent things young children should be exposed to so where do we draw the line??? And how do the hubby and I come to an agreement when we have a difference of opinion on this matter?

4Ariel LaCosteCanyon, Texas
    Alyssa Martinez
    My kids like to watch comedy movies. They dont understand some of the humor but stuff like Ride Along and Anchorman I let them watch but the edited verison. Like when it comes on FX. My boys are 8 and daughter is 10. They are mature for their age. They watch it laught and then they are on to other things.Depends on age and maturity.
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