Dream Vacation...

This topic came up at work today... about only being able to "travel" from the chair at your computer and that if you could afford to travel anywhere, where would you go?

My answer? Fiji. Or The Galapagos Islands. I have an obsession with sea turtles. I want to see giant ones. :)

What would your dream vacation be if money weren't a factor?

    Have you ever seen those world traveler cruise ships? They sail all year round and you actually buy and apartment on them. You live there like it's a second home so you can go for a few months or a few days. They make port every few days so you can go shopping or see a show. You get your own personal chef and maid to do all the cooking/cleaning you want and there are two full service gourmet restaurants on board. They literally sail the world so you get to spend a few days in cities all over europe, asia, africa, south america, and north america.

    I would do that :)
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