The fair's a comin!

Oh man do I love the fair! When I was little it was about the rides and the carnival games and all of the people.

Now it's the food. Not going to lie. I only go for the food.

Of course it will be neat for Charlie to see all of the lights and whatnot.. and the petting zoo! He's only seen dogs and one cat so showing him some other animals should be fun!

Does your town have a fair? What's your favorite part?

    I can't wait to take my LO to her first fair! So fun!
      i am taking grand kids to park fri any one hear of online baby shower want have one for son's wife but donnot know what to do they live in mt i live in pa
        Charmainee Frank
        Yes we have a State Fair every year... I decided to take my babies for the first time last year.. Boy, did we have a blast.. ummm now I want a Turkey Leg. Lol.
          I have a couple of girls that are adrenaline junkies and love the rides. My son and husband like to eat and I go to take the pictures and hold everyone's crap. Lol. I am happy with watching my family have a great time drinking lemonade. I think only my big kids will be going this year as I just found out I will be having surgery around fair time :(
            4Amber hale
            I love the food at the fair here definitely go for the food :)
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