Fussy Kid Today!

I don't know what Avery's deal is today but she is being quite the diva. She gobbled up her lunch and then started crying because all the food was gone. I gave her some of my food and she cried and pushed it away.... I guess it was the wrong food. I took her down from her high chair and cleaned her up, which caused her to scream and kick. Then I gave her some cheerios and that calmed her down for a second.... until I started sweeping up the mess of crumbs under her chair. Apparently she was saving them for later.

All day today the littlest thing will through her into a tantrum. I took her to the park to see if some fresh air would improve her mood. No such luck. She whined and whined the whole time and wouldn't stop unless I let her carry my flip flops around. If that wasn't weird enough, when I finally got my shoes back she proceeded to clap her hands FOR 30 MINUTES. Any time I interrupted her clapping (like putting her back in the stroller to go home) a tantrum ensued.

She's finally down for a nap. Hopefully she'll wake up in a better mood.

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        8Theresa Gould
        Oh my goodness 30 minutes of clapping!? I would think that would have been enough to tire her out. Hope she wakes up happy again!
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