Guided meditation for kids.. It is amazing when our little ones discover they can control what they think of.. Its actually pretty amazing when any person no matter what age they are can discover this! We create our entire lives by what grows from a first initial single thought.. Just imagine.. We can create the life we have always wanted with the ability to control our thinking.. I wish I had started as a baby.. Still so blessed by what meditation has done for my life now. My kids love this! My daughter has heard a scary story from the big kids this weekend that left her crying and afraid.. She was able, on her own, to focus her thinking on the feeling of her soft hair, while listening to guided meditations.. When I was able to come rest with her, I asked what the story was about.. She told me she could hardly see it now.. she had meditated till she could barley see the picture.. Amazing!! Good Job Annika!!

    8Theresa Gould
    I agree, our thoughts have the potential to make or break us. Thanks for sharing. It really is relaxing to listen to.
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