I went to my obgyn to see the baby They found a cycst

what is a cyst and why do they occur does anyone know or have gotten one before its my first one ever n im freaking out ...thanks in advance for ur comments and advice it wasnt there 2 weeks ago

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm not sure. I don't know much about cysts but do remember them telling me at one of my ultrasounds that they thought I had cysts or evidence of one bursting but that is all they told me and I really didn't follow up with them on it due to the circumstances surrounding that pregnancy. What did your doctor tell you exactly?
      Cyst are like large pimples filled with pus or some type of fluid. Ask the doc what type it is and what course of treatment is needed. I had a pilonidal cyst when I was 14, and an ovarian cyst in 2004, both had to be surgically removed. But, not all cysts need to be removed. Ask the doc for more info into what type and action is needed. It can happen due to any reasons like infection, gland issues, etc. Both of mine were painful. But, it is not always the case for many others. It really depends on what type it is, the size and condition of the cyst, and if it affects you or the baby.
      near the baby a couple of inches away from the baby
        4Emily Goforth
        I have pcos, which is poly cystic ovary syndrome . Basically my ovaries are
        Covered in little fluid filled pockets, that sometimes rupture and go away on their own and then I've also been placed on medicine so that my body can re-absorb them. Depending on where the cyst is, how it's growing , etc will usually be what determines the course of action. When not pregnant I usually have them rupture every month Around the time of my period or a little after, they are uncomfortable but alittle ibuprofen and I'm usually fine.
        Keep us updated on what your dr says and what the feel is the best course of action is for you. Lots of hugs, love & prayers!!
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