Job application/interviewing horror stories

Do you have any funny or mortifying tales from a job interview? Did you interview someone for a job and they were really out there? Did you go on an interview and it turn out horrible?

At my previous job I interviewed potential employees. Most people were pleasant and interviewed reasonably well. One lady comes to mind though as "different". She came in, walked around the office, peeked her head into the bathroom and then asked if she could use the phone to prove to her boyfriend that she did, indeed come here for an interview.

She didn't get hired. There was more, but that was a big turn off.

I once went on an interview for a big toy company. It was a group interview and we were asked to go tot he sales floor and grab a toy that we might try to sell to someone. I went into panic mode, what the hell kind of interview is this? I picked a scooter and talked about the great price and different colors available. Another guy picked a football and talked about how it was a BALL. And kept saying things like "It's a great BALL! You can throw this BALL!" real sarcastic. Yeah, he didn't make it to round 2 interviews.

    8Theresa Gould
    I haven't had that many job interviews so I don't have any horror stories.
      I went on an interview at a beauty supply house and when the lady asked me to sit down somehow I ended up on the floor! Lol I was SO embarrassed but I got the job. I worked there for almost 2 years and me and that lady are still friends.
        In a former job I interviewed 5 people 5 days a week for a personnel agencyt so that we could fill customer orders (everything from form food service to PhD). I interviewed people who thought it was my job to get them a job like I was the Department of Labor. With that many people I saw everyone from drug addicts and stalkers to people who looked down their nose at me. I had someone suddenly standing behind me when I looked up, someone staring through the office window and even someone who came to my house because they were up set with me. I also interviewed fir a job in the Deep South and when I came in the room he looked at me and then went back to reading his paper and smoking a cigar. When he finished, he started the interview by telling me a joke (I am from NY) about teaching northerners how to fly by throwing g them out a window :D
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