Olivia's acting really crazy!!

Olivia is acting really crazy!! She's been acting like this for a couple days now. Whenever I put her to bed she will go straight to bed but now when ever we walking to her room she grabs me very tight and pulls towards me and when I put her in her crib she screams like someone's trying to hurt her and won't stop screaming! She won't let me put her down she won't sit in her swing her bouncer her highchair or even a pack and play. She's just really mad. Someone told me she might be teething so I got baby Orajel put it on her gums and it didn't change anything. Soo I really don't know what todo.

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      Just a phase, this will last for awhile but you will get through it. I know my daughter had same kind of fit but I kept her close in the bassinet at night and for nap times. During the day try putting hr next to you or on your lap on the floor then slowly work your way away from her a few minutes at a time. Try talking to your pediatrician too they might have some other ideas on how to help cope.
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