Feeling lonely feeling like I gave up everything in my life and now just blah always in this house no friends no money to ever do anything I don't want this to be the rest of my life

    I did not even know I posted this for everyone to see thank u guys for reaching out my kids r my everything let me just say that not that I think any one thinks I'm saying they r not :) I've been in the same routine for so long now I just feel trapped in it venting lol yes totally need some of that lol I do have family and a best ffriend was vary close to my sister but she recently got into a relationship and we r not as close I think that is getting to me a little as well..motivation I also need to find again lol I got so much I need to work I and it gets overwhelming I feel lost inside my self the last few days this is a mom group idk really if that means just talk about ur kids or what lol but my kids r so not my problem my problem is me I need to find peace with in and retrain self to get up and interact with boys more I feel like I'm wasting away my time with them as my baby's probably a lot to do with depression I'm just to stubborn to fix it idk I do know I need to fix something thu and not wallow away in my pity
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