10 Surprises Post Birth.. cue the laughs!

Oh Mamas.. this might be one of my all time fav articles. It's a hilarious author finally chatting about 10 post birth things you MIGHT not realize will happen.. they are very comical and cheeky.. but OH SO TRUE too!

I will share my favorite.. #5... the "massage" the nurses CONSTANTLY come and give you post delivery.. oy. And the last one.. all about that first post birth "poo".. oh man.. I cried laughing!

Here is a fav quote... "It is a terrifying experience, trying to poop after you give birth. I don't care how many stool softeners they give you, it feels absolutely certain that there is going to be some kind of explosion or tear and you are going to die on the toilet like Elvis. So then you start thinking, well, what if I never poop again? It would mean a lot of enemas, but that would be a small price to pay compared to the anguish I am currently experiencing.."


Share with me your favorite below!


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