Keeping Kids Hydrated during Summer

During the summer, it's easy for kids to just play and play without giving hydration a thought. And some kids don't like water or juice. This article emphasizes the need to keep your child hydrated and offer them liquids before they get thirsty. Apparently, the formula, according to this study, is 2 -3 ounces per day per pound of body weight.

Do you keep your kids hydrated? Do you offer drinks regardless of thirst?…

    Yes, we try to keep kids hydrated. Erik's son is great about bringing a Gatorade. His daughter, not so much, and she usually just drinks out of our bottle. I was really annoyed the day after 4th of July when it was super hot. I asked both kids to bring their water bottles and both declined. Both got thirsty and drank out of the water bottle I brought. In this instance, it wouldn't have been ethical for me to deny them water because of medical, etc But next time I'm going to insist that they bring water and I'll remind them of how they drank out of my water bottle and not much water was left for me to hydrate myself and baby when we were out and about.
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