When a baby cuts four teeth at once

Most babies will cut their two bottom incisor teeth around seven months but as early as 3 months proceeded by the two top incisors. Teething can be painful for some babies and not so much for others. Getting all four top teeth at the same time is an amazing challenge for any baby and for my daughter it has been half and half. She is a trooper! I can't believe she is getting all four teeth on top but it happens. Has this happen to your baby? How did you comfort your little one?

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    Ellsie cut her bottom two, then her top front two followed by the two top immediately beside those and one again on the bottom. I think she's cutting another one now. I gave her Tylenol before bed and if she REALLY needed it (and even though it's not the greatest thing) I gave her some ora-jel for her gums. I honestly didn't even know she cut another two on top until I saw them.

    I swear by her teething necklace. I really do.
      Tristen has always gotten at least two or three teeth at once. He runs a pretty high fever when he is first teething so I give him Tylenol to help but I mostly make sure he has lots of stuff around that he likes to chew on so he can get those little evil things pushed through :-)
        Well I know Brielle's cutting a tooth on the bottom but I had been thinking maybe she had one coming in on top too cause when she bit me, it tore the skin where the top of her mouth was. But we have to use tylenol eventually almost every day. she hates the cold teethers and she'll chew on her paci but that only works for so long. I was thinking about trying some of the hylands teething tablets though. I've heard they work really well.
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