Media representation of crimes during newscasts

Over the past... I would say two decades... the media has been increasingly reporting on topics that are crime centered. I remember watching the news and it was actual news. Now my local news is story after story of break ins, robberies, murders... I stopped watching!

There is an argument that this kind of broadcasting is what people are interested in so this is why you see it on the news so much. It's a ratings thing. Other people say it makes us more aware as a society and I can see that side too.

How do you feel about watching the news? Too much bad and not enough good? Essential for awareness? Turn the channel to Bubble Guppies?

    Ratings have a huge impact on what we see and hear. Ever wonder why every time you get in the car you're hearing the same song? I know it's different for television, but in radio they have brought it down to a science and have figured out that for the most part, people listen for 15 minutes at a time (not true for me). So every 15 minutes, things seem to "reset".

    For TV? I'm sure there's something similar there. Nobody reports breaking news. They report what will keep them on the air. That's why the story about the mutt who saved a drowning kid will not make the news. But the story about *another* pit bull who attacked a kid will be on every station at 5, 6, and 10.

    The internet has flubbed things too. Have you ever noticed how many untrue stories are posted as fact? It's TERRIFYING! Some girl was mad at her ex, blasted his picture all over facebook making it look official, like the cops were looking for him for rape, child molestation and animal abuse. It wasn't true... you can't take those things back.. can you imagine?

    It's times like these that I'm happy to live in a small town.
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        8Theresa Gould
        I don't watch the news because we don't have a TV, however, I do scan the news headlines and will click if it is a story that interests me. I do think most of it is bad, unfortunately. I love the stories online about do-gooders and positive stories but they do seem to be few and far between.
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